Making Vaping Interesting With Different E-Juice Flavors

Mixing EjuiceVaping to me is a lot more fun than smoking, and one of the main reasons for this is that it offers a lot more variety. Your vaping experience can differ quite a lot depending on the battery you use, and whether you use cartomizers or tanks. But not only that, you can change your vaping experience in almost unlimited ways by using different E-juice flavors.

Many people create their own flavors and have a mini lab at home where they experiment. This can require quite the setup, as you'll need syringes and quite a few bottles to mix your ingredients in. A simpler method of mixing e-liquids that I favor is to buy flavors from good vape stores like Volcano and create your own mixes. I like to buy pure flavors like vanilla, chocolate, etc, as they blend better with other pure flavors. In this way, I can create my own mixtures without having an elaborate setup at home. And you'll never run out of flavors to mix, since stores like Volcano carry a great many flavors. If you're interested in all the different flavors available, I would suggest checking out all the discount e-juice available from Volcano. Make sure you also use Volcano Ecigarette coupons.

The easiest way I go about mixing is to simply add the flavors into a cartomizer or tank in proportions that I have chosen. So in order to make a coffee vanilla flavor, I might add 10 drops of coffee flavor and 5 drops of vanilla into a tank, then shake the mixture. That's all there is to it, and I'm ready to start vaping.